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Dual Credit

Madison Southern offers junior and seniors students the opportunity to take college-level classes at the high school, online, or at a college campus. Students enrolled in these classes will receive high school credit as well as college credit.   The students can choose from a variety of options depending on their goals for the future, financial resources, ACT scores, and cumulative GPAs.

*** It order for a student to enroll in a college course, he or she should met the ACT benchmarks and admission requirements of the college.  

Enrolling in the Dual Credit Program: 
Step 1:  Attend mandatory information session   
If you were unable to attend the mandatory meeting, log into the Google Classroom for your grade level  and watch the video. (EX: Class of 2024 or Class of 2025).  If you need the code for the classroom, contact Ashley Hall.

Step 2:  After watching the video, come by the counseling office to pick-up an Madison Southern Flight Academy Dual Credit Student Application .  When signed, return to the  Counseling Office.   * Note GPA, ACT, and Personal communication/financial responsibilities. 

Step 3:  Click the tab for the college to complete the application process.  


Dual Credit Scholarships

It is the student's responsibility to set his or her preferences on the KHEAA Website  for the fall and spring semesters.  

KHEAA Webiste to set Scholarship Perferences


There are two types of dual credit scholarships. 

1.  Academic Scholarships

A student can receive two academic scholarships each year.  This will count for 6 credit hours, but does not cover books.

2. Work Ready Scholarships

A student can receive two a semester.  These are for career related approved courses.

Dual Credit College